Part No. Illus No. Description

SUS700R 1 Shock absorber-reconditioned-R/H Exchange
SUS701N – Shock absorber-new-L/H
SUS701R – Shock absorber-reconditioned-L/H Exchange
SUS702 2 Link-shock absorber
SUS703 3 Bush-shock absorber link
SUS706 6 Spring- 5 leaf Later saloons and convertibles
SUS707 6 Spring-7 leaf Traveller
SUS708 8 ‘U’ bolt- 7 leaf spring
SUS709 8 ‘U’ bolt-5 leaf spring
SUS710 10 Buffer
SUS711 11 Locating plate  
SUS712 12 Pad-seating-rubber  
SUS718 17 Plate-rear shackle
SUS105 18 Pin-rear shackle Same as eye bolt pin
SUS104 19 Shackle bush Same as eye bolt bush
SUS722 21 Pin-front shackle
SUS721 22 Nut
SUS104 23 Bush-front pin
SUS723 24 Plate-front bracket
SUS724 25 Bolt
CRB207 26 Nut




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