Part No. Illus. No. Description Application
10M169R   Cylinder head assembly-with valves and springs 1098cc
9M170R   Cylinder head assembly-with valves and springs 803/948cc
Above heads converted to lead free fuel
10M170 2 Guide-inlet/exhaust 1098cc
8M176 2 Guide-inlet/exhaust 803/948cc
10M172 4 Stud-thermostat cover 1098cc
8M180 5 Stud-rocker bracket-long 803/948/1098cc
8M181 6 Stud-rocker bracket-short 803/948/1098cc
8M183 7 Stud-exhaust manifold 803/948/1098cc
8M185 8 Stud-heater control tap 803/948/1098cc
HTR104 10 Gasket-heater tap 803/948/1098cc
10M181 14/15 Valve-inlet 1098cc
8M190 14/15 Valve-inlet 803/948cc
8M191 14/15 Valve-exhaust 803/948/1098cc
8M192 16 Spring-valve 803/948/1098cc
8M219 41 Gasket-cylinder head 803/948/1098cc
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