Part No. Illus No. Description Application
LMP101A 1 Lamp assembly-flasher
(glass amber lens) 1098cc
LMP102 2 Bezel  
LMP103 3 Lens-amber
BLB382 4 Bulb-flasher
LMP104 5 Bulbholder-flasher
LMP105 6 Rubber body
LMP106 7 Lamp assembly-stop and tail 1098cc
LMP107 9 Lens-red
BLB380 10/17 Bulb-stop and tail
LMP109 12 Bulbholder-stop and tail
LMP110 14 Lamp assembly-stop and tail 803/948cc
LMP111 16 Lens-red
LMP140 18 Bulbholder
LMP113 19 Rubber body




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