Part No. Illus No. Description Application
PAN120 – Front wing-R/H Early 803cc- no side light

PAN121 – Front wing-L/H As above
PAN122 1 Front wing-R/H Late 803cc and 948cc-
round side light apperture

PAN123 – Front wing-L/H As above
PAN124 – Front wing-R/H 1098cc
PAN125 – Front wing-L/H 1098cc
PAN126 – Rear wing-R/H 803cc Saloons and

PAN127 – Rear wing-L/H As above
PAN128 2 Rear wing-R/H 948/1098cc Saloons
and Convertibles

PAN129 – Rear wing-L/H As above
PAN130 – Rear wing-R/H Traveller-all years
PAN131 – Rear wing-L/H As above
PAN801 – Bolt-wing fixing Not Traveller rear
MMT1048 31 Shut pillar-R/H
MMT1049 – Shut pillar-L/H
MMT1050 32 Fillets for glass (set)
MMT1055 – Assembled door-R/H
MMT1056 – Assembled door-L/H

Wing piping is available to suit the following colours:-

Black, White, Smoke Grey, Clarendon Grey, Almond Green, Rose Taupe, Trafalgar Blue & Maroon ‘B’



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