Part No. Illus No. Description Application

PAN803 3 Door skin-R/H Not suitable for 4-door front
PAN804 – Door skin-L/H Not suitable for 4-door front
HNG501R 4 Hinge-top-R/H-reconditioned Exchange unit
HNG502R – Hinge-top-L/H-reconditioned Exchange unit
HNG503R 5 Hinge-lower-R/H-reconditioned Exchange unit
HNG504R – Hinge-lower-L/H-reconditioned Exchange unit
HNG505 6 Hinge pin-standard size
HNG505A 6 Hinge pin-0.328″ oversize
HNG506 7 Screw-hinge to door
HNG507 8 Bolt-hinge to pillar
CHS757 11 Underside repair panel-R/H 4-door rear
CHS758 – Underside repair panel-L/H 4-door rear
CHS740 13 Underside repair panel-R/H 2-door vehicles
CHS741 – Underside repair panel-L/H 2-door vehicles
CHS766 13 Underside repair panel-R/H 4-door front
CHS767 – Underside repair panel-L/H 4-door front
CHS742 14 Door skin repair panel-R/H 4-door rear
CHS743 – Door skin repair panel-L/H 4-door rear
CHS738 16 Door skin repair panel-R/H Trim to suit 4-door

CHS739 – Door skin repair panel-L/H Trim to suit 4-door




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