Part No. Illus No. Description

EXC103 1 Channel-velvet covered rubber-top All models
EXC104 2 Channel-velvet covered rubber-vertical All models
EXC105 3 Weatherstrip 2 door
EXC114 3 Weatherstrip-front 4 door front
EXC118 3 Weatherstrip-rear 4 door rear
EXC106 4 Clip for EXC105/114/118 All models
EXC107 5 Glazing strip-door glass Per metre
EXC110 7 Door sealing strip (with metal insert) Cut to suit 4dr applications
EXC112 9 Clip
VNT112 10 Ventilator rubber-R/H
VNT113 – Ventilator rubber-L/H
VNT128 11 Sealing strip
EXC111 12 Ventilator weatherstrip




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