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Marina/Ital 1300 Engine To Minor Gearbox

OWN101 1098 flywheel modified for 6 bolt fixing,with register spigot Exchange
OWN102  New backplate for 1300cc, laser cut from plate steel
OWN103R Timing cover modified to miss fan Exchange 1300cc unit
8M154 Optional new front engine plate to suit 1300cc engine

Marina/Ital 1300cc Engine & Gearbox

OWN104 Short Minor front engine towers (for clutch slave clearance). Also useful with Sierra gearbox kit OWN105  New backplate for 1300cc, laser cut from plate steel OWN117 Exhaust section for twin downpipe Ital cast iron manifold. Front tubular two into one section, together with downpipe to under floor. Mild steel only.

Minor 948,1098/ Midget 948,1098,1275/Marina/Ital 1300 Engine

OWN135 Oil seal conversion for rear of crankshaft. A clever device to carry a conventional oil seal (running on the flywheel mounting flange) to stop oil leakage from the rear main bearing. Please state engine type and capacity.

Clutch Modifications

OWN125 Hydraulic clutch lift to suit all Minors. Uses the standard Minor clutch pedal. Very light and smooth. Ideal for use with the standard Minor/Midget gearbox or 5 speed conversions. Please state gearbox fitted.




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