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Front Disc Brake Kit

OWN112FD Complete disc kit, using the more powerful Ford Sierra or Escort Mk 3&4 callipers. A larger swept area of pad gives greater stopping power. (For vented see below). OWN112SV Vented disc kit. An entirely new kit using Sierra/Escort discs and calipers, together with special alloy wheel hubs (CNC machined from top quality billet alloy), new bearings, hoses and dust shields

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Component Parts For Original Marina/Ital Disc Brake Kit

OWN107R Marina hubs modified to Minor stud centres. Per pair Exchange
OWN107F Marina hubs modified to Ford or Fiat stud centres. Per pair Exchange
OWN142 New studs to suit above conversion (or re-use original Minor front studs) Each
OWN108 Wheel bearing kit for Marina hubs to Minor stub axle. Per kit
OWN109 Remote brake fluid resevoir kit. (Easily visible under bonnet) Per kit
FBK903 Non-vented master cylinder cap for above (recomended) Each
OWN110 Special brake hose with mounting plates Per pair
OWN112FK An upgrade kit for existing Marina disc kits to accept the Ford calipers as in OWN112FD (not vented). Will fit all versions of Marina disc kits. Per kit
FBK900 In-line brake servo kit, suitable for either drum or disc braked cars. A good way to get the maximum from your system, ideally fitted with a disc conversion to give a truly light progressive brake. Per kit
OWN118 Marina/Ital brake discs Per pair




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