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Front Anti-Roll Bar

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OWN114 Will control body roll on corners and make cornering fun again! Will also reduce the understeer inherent in Minors and reduce side wind effects.

Front Telescopic Damper Conversions

OWN115 Our own kit, well tried for many years, that mounts the dampers centrally over the lower suspension arms for maximum efficiency. A well priced replacement for worn out lever arm units. OWN115G Kit as above, but containing gas assisted units for a smoother ride. Units are not adjustable type.

Torsion Bar Adaptors

OWN128 Marina torsion bar adaptors. Some Marina/Ital front torsion bars are about 30% stronger than the standard Minor ones. Using Marina bars with our adaptors will allow you to lower the front of the car a maximum of two splines (2.25 inches approx.) without losing the spring rate. See Marina to Minor book for more information.




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