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Polyurethane Suspension Bushes

This century motor vehicle technology and performance have advanced dramatically. Cars are faster and are expected to handle accordingly. Suspension design has adapted to cope with this new demand. The need for tighter control of geometry and long servicing intervals has led to the development of improved polymer compounds to replace the trusty, but flawed, rubber bush.

Polyurethane offers you the following advantages over rubber or hard plastic alternatives:-

Superb tension and compression load bearing capacity, whilst retaining its superior strength and durability over rubber or plastic.

Designed to absorb all friction without the need for lubricant. It will not roll or peel away like rubber, or be the cause of irritating suspension squeaks.

Polyurethane is extremely resistant to degrading or swelling, even when in regular contact with oil, grease, wax and most other chemicals. And, unlike rubber, they will NEVER perish.

The positive control of suspension pivot points is essential in helping to stabilise suspension geometry during cornering, braking and acceleration. Polyurethane gives this accurate control, thus improving the feel and responsiveness of the car. They are generally much tougher (harder) than the equivalent rubber bush, further improving component location.

Polyurethane bushes are a safer alternative to hard plastic replacements, giving excellent protective compliance on impact from pot holes, kerbs etc. This ability to absorb shock is an important feature for both the protection of the suspension system geometry and comfort of the passengers. These bushes will accomodate far wider variations in suspension alignment tolerances than plastic. They require no machining after fitting and will retain the noise isolation properties of a rubber bush- something hard plastic can never do.

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